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Kropotkin, Self-valorization And The Crisis Of Marxism

This paper was written for and presented to the Conference on Pyotr Alexeevich Kropotkin organized by the Russian Academy of Science on the 150th anniversary of his birth.

The conference was held in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Dimitrov on December 8 - 14, 1992. It was the first such conference to be held on Russian soil since the Revolution in 1917.

by Harry Cleaver
Associate Professor of Economics
University of Texas
Austin, Texas

The collapse of the socialist states and the ongoing crisis of Western capitalism -both brought on by pervasive grassroots opposition- demands a reconsideration of the issue of the transcendance of contemporary society by anarchists and Marxists of all stripes. Such a reconsideration should include a reexamination of the thinking of earlier revolutionaries as well as of their experiences within past social upheavals.


Beyond Squat or Rot: Anarchist Approaches to Housing

by Chuck M.
Practical Anarchy magazine


It's time to renew your yearly lease and once again your landlord wants to raise your monthly rent. Should you stay or should you go? Are there options to leases, rents and mortgages? Why does the landlord get away with raising everybody's rents, when they probably haven't made any improvements to your building in the last year? This issue of Practical Anarchy looks at some of the answers to these questions, what alternatives exist, and how to challenge the traditional way housing is provided.


Chronology: The Pre-War Korean Anarchist Movement

  • 1919.2.8 - Japan - DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE CELEBRATED: Tokyo Conference of Assoc. of Japan Korean Students in declares Korean independence in name of 'Young Koreans' Independence League'.
  • 1919.3.1 - Korea - DITTO: at Kyong Sung Dae Wha Park, Seoul, the Declaration is read out; further reading at meeting of students and others at Tab Dong Kong Park marks start of Manse (Long Life) movement.
  • 1919.4.17 - China - PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT ESTABLISHED: Provisional Government of Republic of Korea established in Shanghai; President Syngman Rhee.
  • 1919.11 - Manchuria - 'BAND OF HEROES' (ElYULDAN) FORMED: at Husain Men-wai, Kirin Province, new group formed to fight for national liberation; members mostly anarchists and nationalists.

There Is No Substitute For Social Revolution

There Is No Substitute For Social Revolution As A Mass Struggle

By Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin

Originally Published on January 2, 2014

The radical movement in this period needs to reject the Old Left ideal of the "revolutionary substitute". What is this about? The attempt of various cults, political parties, and opportunist leaderships to substitute a revolutionary organization purporting to take the place of the masses of people in revolutionary social change. Allegedly, they make the revolution in their name.


Paranoia and terror as models of governance

Alèssi Dell’Umbria

2010 was going to be an exceptional year, to judge by the public relations billboards the government erected along the highways: a modern Mexico was going to celebrate the Bicentennial of its War for Independence and the Centenary of its Revolution at the same time. And it certainly was an exceptional year. Every year, on January 6, the children who gather at the feet of the Angel of Independence, in Mexico City, submit their letters to the Three Wise Men. “Dear Three Wise Men, we do not want Calderón’s war”: this was the message for the year 2011, written on a placard carried by a ten-year-old boy. If Mexico still exists in 2110, 2010 will be remembered as one of the bloodiest years in all of its history. The “drug war” has, to date, caused 34,000 deaths, and almost half of them were accounted for by murders committed in 2010. A large number of these deaths are considered to be “collateral damage”.


Private property, scarcity and democracy - humanaesfera

This article was originally written as a response to "libertarians" who see scarcity as a natural, objective and eternal consecration of private property and the market. It also describes a perspective concerning the limitations of democracy in relation to the transformation of the material conditions of existence.

"No one votes; neither the majority nor the minority ever makes the law. If a proposition can gather enough workers to put it into operation, whether they be in the majority or the minority, it is carried out, so long as it accords with the will of those who adhere to it." Description of a free association within communism by Joseph Déjacque (Le Humanisphère, 1857).


Infoshop Zine Library

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This project will be a sister site to the Infoshop Library, an online archive of anarchist, activist and political content. The Infoshop Library has existed online, in one form or another, for the past 20 years.

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Christian Anarchism: A Forgotten Alternative for the Peaceful Ordering of Society

Alexandre Christoyannopoulos (
Department of Politics and International Relations
Rutherford College, University of Kent Political Studies Association Annual Conference
4-6 April 2006, Reading University


Christian anarchists question the widespread belief that a socially contracted state provides the only guarantee of human freedom and security. For them, the state is a vicious system that perpetrates the very violence that its mandate pretends to keep at bay. They are therefore not surprised by the current climate of insecurity – but they believe the solution requires another look at Christianity and its political implications.


Towards a non-violent society: a position paper on anarchism, social change and Food Not Bombs

by Chris Crass

The origins and purpose of this position paper:

This paper was originally written 11.29.95. as a result of discussions that we were having in San Francisco Food Not Bombs about our politics and how we represent our politics in literature. In a meeting on 11.09.95. we embarked on a rather in-depth and thought provoking discussion about anarchism and FNB. Most of us at the meeting strongly believed that FNB in its structure and goals was and always had been anarchist in orientation. However, there were several people who raised concerns about anarchist politics and the principles of FNB.


The Tyranny of Tyranny

Cathy Levine [Jasper]

The article 'The tyranny of structurelessness' shouldn't be published without it's associated article, 'The Tyranny of Tyranny', a response to Joreen's statement. The dialectic of both is much more meaningful then one of both sets of ideas from the 70's.

An article entitled 'The Tyranny of Structurelessness' which has received wide attention around the women's movement, (in MS, Second Wave etc) assails the trend towards 'leaderless', 'structureless' groups, as the main - if not sole - organisational form of the movement, as a dead-end. While written and received in good faith, as an aid to the movement, the article is destructive in its distortion and maligning of a valid, conscious strategy for building a revolutionary movement. It is high time that we recognise the direction these tendencies are pointing in, as a real political alternative to hierarchical organisation, rather than trying to nip it in the bud.


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